Abrasive Productions


Bohemian-born artist Aranos has music in his blood, performing local traditional Eastern European songs from the age of eight. Subsequent years have seen this maverick multi-instrumentalist spread his creative wings to cover folk material from other countries and cultures, and his live performances have provoked positive comparisons with the world-weary grit and the boozy melancholia of Tom Waits. Further strings were added to his bow via collaborations with admirers from avant-garde legends like Current 93 and Nurse with Wound, encouraging a more experimental side to Aranos, who now weaves free-form jazz and electronica into some of his more ambitious and challenging work, held together with his acute ear for rhythm and melody. By turns bewitching and bewildering, powerful and poignant, this is a rare opportunity to see a unique musical talent perform.

Colin Potter is a respected veteran of the electronic and industrial scene, contributing as both producer and performer to such leading experimentalists as Current 93 and Nurse with Wound, as well as his principal project Monos. Potter's talent defies categorisation just as it demands attention, and he dislikes the vague 'Industrial' tag for his explorations into the no-man's-land where noise and music mix and merge, to mesmeric, and sometimes menacing effect. Perhaps the best description is the one applied to Nurse with Wound by collaborator Steven Stapleton: 'Surrealist music. It's the displacement of something ordinary into an extraordinary setting. I take ordinary things - instruments, solos, what have you, and place them in unusual settings, giving a completely different angle on the way instruments and composition are looked at.'

Local electronica trio Stimulus are at the forefront of the UK's current crop of avant-garde artists who've taken the dark ambient blueprint drawn by British bands like Nurse with Wound as a starting point for their own subtly unsettling soundscapes. Stimulus add many of their own obsessions to the mix, not least the classic Krautrock of bands like Can and legendary prog-rock pioneers Tangerine Dream - particularly acute ears can even pick out influences from British heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden. Sometimes spacey, at times melodic, always absorbing, the Stimulus sound both lulls and inspires.



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