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Todays date: 15th January in the year 2006.

Welcome to the Abrasive Productions web site.
Here you will find photo's and details of our past gigs, and news and details of our upcoming shows.
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The Abrasive team.

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Past shows:
RRR gig at the Full Moon, Bristol - Details.
6th August 2005 - Aranos, Colin Potter, Stimulus. The Cube. Bristol. Details.
29th October 2004 - Dieter Muh, Putrifier, Stimulus. The Cube. Bristol. Details.


Oh, before we sign out, we just have to let you know that you too can join the industrial revolution by getting your
hands on our exclusive AP T-Shirts, as modelled below by the lovely Steve Cammack of Dieter Muh (by the way
ladies he's already taken. Congratulations Trin) :o)